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Apr. 1st, 2008

Uhoh. Maybe I need to rename this blog Journey to Five?
Um... ewcm maybe? We'll see in 14 days.
Hmmm.  Day one of AF or a long lingering lochia?  *sigh*
At 3.5w pp, I'm down to 268, which is only 5 lbs over my start weight.
According to Eva, Laura has the cutest little "puffy puff".  When I was confused, she cackled and said that Laura's vagina was puffy and cute.  Um... oooookay.  LOL!
What's Hebrew for laura?
2:15 PM [mumof2] atara, daphna, gavriel,
2:15 PM [mumof2] wait there's more
2:16 PM [mumof2] gavriela, hadasa, tzefira, & Yatzlach
2:22 PM [mumof2] vered is rose
2:22 PM [Sandra: Mom to Laura Rose] ohhhh right
2:22 PM [mumof2] hadasa vered


Oh, this is funny.

I'm sitting in a chat room talking about names. Among other names, I mentioned that Rose was on the list for middle name and that Elisa was on the list for fsrst names. Someone said that she liked the idea of combining her mother's name and her mother in law's name to create her daughter's name. I saidthat was cool and asked how they'd combine Elizabeth and Rosemary... what did they come up with? Elisarose (as well as some others), which is almost exactly one of the names I'd considered already. I thought that was funny :) Elisa Rose Mort. Not great... but something else to bring to the table.


Jan. 19th, 2008

10:29 AM [Sandra has four kids!] I was up for three hours in the middle of the night. I'd feed her, she'd poop, we'd settle and she'd get hungry again.   
10:29 AM [Sandra has four kids!] SO much meconium!
10:29 AM [Sandra has four kids!] Oh oh oh oh the funniest part???? Gary said to the baby "HOW did you make so much poop? Where did you keep it all?"
10:30 AM [Sandra has four kids!] Eva replied "Why not? Mommy had lots of poop every time SHE had a contraction"
10:30 AM [Sandra has four kids!] Gee, thanks, kid.
Lots of bloody show and plug, getting moany, contractions closer together.  Called midwife to ask her to come at 5 15AM.  In the meantime, I've been napping/resting/zoning on the bed while Eva and everyone chat in the other rroom. \

Feeling shaky through ctx.
Another post, since I lost the last set of numbers:

1 52AM, definitely intense but not enough to make me breathe funny or anything, just squirming

2AM rainbowthespian and her friend are here!  I'm gonna stop timing.