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Uhoh.  AOL crashed with some of the times unsalvagable.  Reminds me to save more often!  Anyway, mawrter is here and it's so nice to have company!!!!  rainbowthespian and her friend are en route on the subway and my mother is in a cab.

Jan. 18th, 2008

"Sandy" [10:47 P.M.]: 10 46

"Sandy" [10:53 P.M.]: 10 53

"Sandy" [10:59 P.M.]: 10 59

"Sandy" [11:08 P.M.]: 11 08

"Sandy" [11:18 P.M.]: 11 18

"Sandy" [11:20 P.M.]: 11 20

"Sandy" [11:25 P.M.]: 11 25

"Sandy" [11:30 P.M.]: 11 29

"Sandy" [11:35 P.M.]: 11 34

"Sandy" [11:39 P.M.]: 11 39

"Sandy" [11:40 P.M.]: As of 11 39, I'm no longer thinking "maybe". I'm in early labor and it's just a matter of how long, rather than if.

"Sandy" [11:42 P.M.]: I've got a bath running so I don't have the mw and company over stinky!

"Sandy" [11:44 P.M.]: 11 42

"Sandy" [11:47 P.M.]: 11 47

"Sandy" [11:53 P.M.]: 11 53

 "Sandy" [12:06 A.M.]:  12 06

"Sandy" [12:10 A.M.]:  12 10

"Sandy" [12:14 A.M.]:  12 14

"Sandy" [12:15 A.M.]:  Back in bed, washed, chocolate peppermint body buttered and in touch with my sister.  Waiting to hear back from my mother before trying to sleep.

"Sandy" [12:19 A.M.]:  12 18

"Sandy" [12:19 A.M.]:  Talked to my sister, who is making plans with my sister in law, made sure she knew her friend was also welcome to come, but he will probably decline.

"Sandy" [12:22 A.M.]:  My mother is insanely busy at work but will call ini a while when things settle down.

"Sandy" [12:23 A.M.]:  My midwife was called about 11 (have to check the time) after the first three contractions to put her on yellow alert.  

"Sandy" [12:25 A.M.]:  12 25? 

"Sandy" [12:28 A.M.]:  12 27

"Sandy" [12:32 A.M.]:  WOOHOO!!!  My sister and her friend are on the way!

"Sandy" [12:32 A.M.]:  This is a little exciting/scary

"Sandy" [12:34 A.M.]:  12 34

"Sandy" [12:40 A.M.]:  And my mother is coming over!

"Sandy" [12:47 A.M.]:  12 46 (did I forget to write some down?)

"Sandy" [12:47 A.M.]:  OK, that was distinctly uncomfortbale. 

"Sandy" [12:54 A.M.]:  12 54 

"Sandy" [1:01 A.M.]:  1 00 AM

They're gradually building.  I've got from can feel it but not sure, to can feel it and it's like menstrual cramps, to can feel it and it's making me squirm.  

"Sandy" [1:03 A.M.]:  I asked for a nice slow build up and that's what I'm getting!

"Sandy" [1:04 A.M.]:  1 04

"Sandy" [1:07 A.M.]:  1 07

"Sandy" [1:09 A.M.]:  1 09

"Sandy" [1:09 A.M.]:  Not comfy during ctx.

"Sandy" [1:10 A.M.]:  Bizarrely, leaning back helps.

"Sandy" [1:14 A.M.]:  1 12?

"Sandy" [1:19 A.M.]:  1 19

Jan. 17th, 2008

I don't know if they're "real" or not, but I've had three very gentle contractions.  I didn't see when the first was but 2 and 3 were 7 min apart at 10 46 and 53.  This isn't gonna be a 65 minute labor if this is the beginning.  Which is fine -- all the kids and Gary are asleep and I'm resting.
Oh my, I just had a laugh!  I had a custom made diaper ordered from Adorabunz and it just arrived in the mail.  Raffi picked the fabric, btw, and is very excited about having it on her for her "first outfit"

Anyway, it arrived in the mail yesterday and David started yelling "BABY! BABY!" and getting very excited... then promptly spilled juice on it.  You can't see any of the juice and I'll be washing it today, so I'm not concerned, but it was pretty funny.  I emailed the seamstress to ask her washing advice and she replied and then asked when I was due.  When I mentioned that I was a week od, she replied:

Oh my - I thought so LOL.  Maybe your little princess was just waiting for her diaper to arrive :)  In which case I apologize for making her highness wait so long LOL. 

41 week weigh in

Down one more pound to 287. I am officially back to what I was at 27 weeks pregnant. Weird. As my midwife said, though, I have plenty of padding. Neither of us are WORRIED as this baby is clearly growing and I'm not TRYING to lose weight but am, which is always a surprise bonus.  I doubt I'll lose much more at this point, though.  Which is fine, too.

8 weeks pg: 263

27 wks pg: 287

31 wks pg: 294

35 weeks pg: 293

39 weeks pg: 291

40 weeks pg: 288

Stolen from thelaboroflove:

- Three pounds of blood.
- Two pounds in your breasts.
- Two pounds in the uterus itself.
- Two pounds of amniotic fluid.
- Four pounds of retained water.
- One to two pounds of placenta.
- Seven pounds of fats, proteins, and other important nutrients.
- Seven to eight pounds of baby.

So, during delivery, you should lose the weight of the baby, the placenta, the amniotic fluid, and perhaps some blood and water. Much of the rest of your weight is still there, and will be for some time after delivery.

If this is a 9 lb baby, 1 lb placenta, & 2 lbs of am fluid, I should be back down to 275 immediately after labor.  Not that I'm WORRIED.  But the more I lose sooner means the more I'll lose in that first few months when my metabolism is running nicely. 
Tomorrow is 41 weeks. I suppose I should get a carseat...

<lj-cut text="Whining within..."> I'm well aware that EDD is just an estimate.  I'm also well aware that since my last two kids were "naturally induced" at and after 42 weeks, the chances of an early baby were pretty slim.  My midwife said that since I was sick, stressed and overtired, I was likely to not go into labor yet.  I'm _ALMOST_ done taking meds for my massive double ear infection that slaughtered me, I'm done taking the meds for my bell's palsy, and now mostly what I need to do is catch up on sleep (the meds and stress were giving me insomnia).

But now that I'm approaching 41w, I'm getting really antsy and impatient.  My midwife doesn't even see me again until 42 weeks and isn't concerned about going over but the WAIT is driving me bananas!!!! 

I just got email with the subject line: WHY YOU MAY STILL LOOK PREGNANT. Hmm... maybe... because I AM??? LOL!

Jan. 13th, 2008

The house is a cluttery mess but I finally got some sleep last night and feel almost human. We're going out to brunch and then I think I'll clean this afternoon and try for an early bedtime again. Tomorrow Gary works in Manhattan for half a day in the afternoon, so I won't be alone for TOO long.